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3-Hour Drug & Alcohol online
Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  FREE
3-Hour Drug & Alcohol online

About this course

The Safe and Sober Program previously know as 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program is designed for any applicant for a Maryland driver's license that falls into this category: either currently possess a driver's license from another country; or currently possess a driver's license from U.S Armed forces only.

However an applicant does not have to take this program if he/she currently possesses a driver's license from another state in the United States, a U.S. Territory, Canada or the Yukon Territory.

You can take the online course and pretest for Free. The Final Exam and Certificate cost $70, you must take this exam in person at Alcantara Driving School. This Final Certificate is the one accepted by the MVA.